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I LOVE WoW's complete revamp of lowbie zones. Also? TROLL DRUIDS! I was so excited because I'd finally become able to play a druid as a race that I enjoy. I don't like Night Elves, and Tauren...are alright. But I feel like I'm so slooooow when I play one.

But Trolls? Ya, mon. Been playing him since I was able to make one. He's level 57 already.

The future be so bright...

I gotta be wearin' a blindfold, mon.

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Static - Oblivion

Time goes fast when you wander.

We carried all the colors
from the portrait of our summer.
We never felt the answers
weighing down our shoulders...

Time goes fast when you wander,
and nothing lasts forever,
but I still feel the power
of you and me together...

And the light surrounds you...

I know I'm the lucky one,
though I'm always the last to believe.
I know I'm the lucky one,
'Cause I'm here, and you're with me.

So tell me,
are you willing,
to try this thing called living?
'Cause there's so many edges hidden,
and it's so hard to be forgiven...

But I'll try once if you ask me,
and once again, everlasting.
For all my days I'll love you,
and all the stars you run through.

See the light surround you...

I know I'm the lucky one,
though I'm always the last to believe.
I know I'm the lucky one,
'Cause I'm here, and you're with me.

When the wrongs and the rights all get pushed aside,
You're my favorite color...
You're the black to the white, you're the warmth inside,
you're the sun I'm under...

I volunteer to watch you
through the dreams that haunt you.
I promise
to wake you
before the fear takes you.

May the light surround you...
May the light surround you...

I know I'm the lucky one,
though it took so long to see.
I know i"m the lucky one,
'cause I'm here, and you're with me!

May the light surround you!

--Vertical Horizon--
The Lucky One
Static - Oblivion


I'm scared.

I haven't had any human contact, outside of work, save but one person for the last two weeks.

My best friend is barely speaking to me. My other friends aren't even calling.

I have no idea what I did, but it's starting to frighten me.

I can't live like this.

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Tech E

Believe in the same truth.

The writing mood semi-continues! Partly because of being inspired by some fantastic music, and partly because I'm realizing how much fun it kinda is to write World of Warcraft related stuff. I don't know exactly what it is, maybe it's the world, maybe it's because I have a deep knowledge of it, or maybe because I can actually insert my own characters in there, but at the same time, tell their own story.

It's...guilt-free self insertion, I suppose. But hey, it's one step closer to original fiction, something I definitely need to work on. I plan, some day, to become published at least once in my lifetime, and not just a stupid bullshit book scam.

On the docket:

WoW -- Setup, explanation piece. Rumon finds out how exactly Rumyn came to be, and who was responsible. The villain of the entire arc is revealed.

WoW -- Perhaps another vignette with Crahl and Rumyn, building their relationship further, maybe a happier little story to offset the others.

WoW -- The climactic showdown involving Crahl, Rumyn, Rumon, and the unnamed individual. This one has a particular song associated with it that lends to it a remarkable atmosphere. I'm really excited about writing this piece.

The song is "Murky" by Cryoshell. You can listen to it here:

Basically, I see the battle taking place during an extensive, foreboding downpour. A very strong image is of a resolute, but almost exhausted Crahl, his hair no longer in their individual long braids, but instead just cascading down his shoulders and face, with rainwater pouring through it.

It's entirely possible this could be a longer piece. Definitely not as short as the others.

Anyway, that's about it. Also going to work on posting some of my stuff on other sites that I frequent. Other than that, not much going on.

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There are traitors and heroes
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But you live your life like a war

Getting a writing itch again, which is a good thing, since it's taken a lot to really muster up anything as of late.

Thinking some WoW-related stuff, primarily central to my characters, since there is actually a deep, interweaving web in my head as to how they all intertwine.

A lot of it is around Rumon, or is in some way linked to him.

It'll probably be one-off pieces, or hell, maybe I'll just sit down and describe everything in excruciating, explanatory detail. But for now, I'm actually leaning toward a piece with my troll Crahl, since he's...I dunno. I think I've had his story in my head the longest since it's fairly simple.

He's basically a personification of what my theory on WoW character development is. He starts out, with a goal in mind, and does what he can to prove himself. Soon, he's adventuring across the land, rending aid, when he's called to Outland. His exploits there lead into him becoming a "hero," and being sent to help in Northrend.

God I dunno. But it's something. There's a spark there and I need to find the kindling.

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As with their other videos on the net, this makes me incredibly happy. I'm glad the muppets are still around.

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Static - Oblivion


Playing through Alan Wake right now.

Gonna be honest, Silent Hill 2 and 3 have ruined "psychological horror" games for me. The story's intriguing enough but it just isn't terrifying as much as it is...tense. Kinda like Resident Evil 4, it wasn't scary, it's stressful.

I'm enjoying it, just a little disappointed that the scares just aren't up to snuff.

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